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With Serta Furniture’s Revolutionary Quality, Upgrade for Less!

Did you know that with Serta furniture you can give YOUR living room the “as seen on TV” home makeover you’ve ALWAYS wanted? That’s right: the awesome mattress people ALSO make finely upholstered pieces and collections for your front-room entertaining. This brand is renowned for the care it takes in upholstering your favorite seating and for its subtle updates to timeless design themes. Better still, when you buy American-made Serta living room sets at Jerusalem Furniture, you’ll save a LOT!

Get Serta Living Room Sofas for Beauty and Durability

When you choose Serta living room furniture for your traditional parlor, man cave, or TV room, you can sit satisfied that you got superb quality at low prices. For example, a splendid living room sofa is our top seller from this brand for those who like Victorian romantic style. This has a matching loveseat and even living room chaise you can add affordably to re-create your favorite historical style. Made of richly carved cherry wood and period-correct deep red brocade upholstery, a Serta specialty, these sofas sport rolled armrests and fringed pillows that will add an air of sophistication to your entertaining. This traditional opulence clothes ultra-comfortable Certi-PUR foam cushions made for heavy use. And talk about family-friendly! When you buy Serta furniture with its hardwood frames, you know you’re getting pieces that can take a jumping dog or family move in stride. Entertain confidently while making your friends just a bit jealous as they enjoy your drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

Buy Serta Recliners for Incomparable Relaxation

We can’t resist a good Serta living room recliner taking our relaxation to the next level. This brand is renowned for upholstery but also takes your whole body’s support seriously. Opening these recliners to stretch out after a hard day is simple thank to mechanisms by Leggett & Platt. These fun chairs come in your choice of maroon, gold, blue-gray, or gray. And when you buy a Serta recliner, not only are you getting comfort. You’re helping the earth as Serta makes these beauties using recycled materials!

The many stylings of Serta furniture for living room excellence can ALL be yours for much less. All you have to do to make YOUR home match your design vision is stop by Jerusalem Furniture at our Bensalem, PA store or other greater Philadelphia locations.