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Get Sierra Sleep by Ashley Mattresses: Always A Good Night’s Rest

Is YOUR back sore after another dissatisfying night on a mattress past its 10-year limit? Afraid of the cost of buying new? Well, STOP. Your friends at Jerusalem Furniture have got the ideal scientifically designed sleep solution YOU need. When you purchase a Sierra Sleep by Ashley hybrid mattress and foam pillow, you’re doing more than making it easier to relax. You’re making an awesome investment in your long-term health, adding years as well as quality to your life. Better still, when you shop for your queen mattresses and other sizes at Jerusalem, rest assured because you have just saved a bundle!

Engineered for Rest: Sierra Sleep by Ashley Mattresses’ Superb Support

Memory foam has come a long way since our space program invented it. Likewise Sierra Sleep by Ashley mattresses have perfected the inner spring to an engineering feat, employing pocketed coil technology. Our selection of these hybrid mattresses includes soothing gel. Here’s a quick overview of one of our perpetually top-selling queen mattresses. This mattress is a deep 12 inches thick, more than a match for your tired body. Guess what’s doing the heavy lifting? An indestructible foam core, ably taking over completely from your skeletal muscles so they can get break after 17 hours on the job while you’re awake! Two support systems back up the core: layers of cloudlike support foam and the coils. The springs also keep your hybrid mattress’s edges firm, holding you up no matter where you roll in your sleep. To literally top it all off, pick your preference of soft mattress topper such as plush, pillowtop, or Euro. You’ll be off in the world of REM sleep, literally dreaming as your body and mind renew themselves.

With a Sierra Sleep by Ashley Pillow, Enjoy Contouring Foam

Need a foam pillow? You should replace yours every 2 years. Sierra Sleep by Ashley pillows include comfortable features such as the same memory foam and gel as your mattress to shape themselves perfectly to fit your head and neck.

Literally tired of waking up achy and sweaty, feeling like a used sponge? With our Sierra Sleep by Ashley mattresses and pillows so extremely affordable, what are you waiting for? Stop by our Philadelphia, PA mattress store or any of our other Delaware Valley locations.