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Know THIS Before Choosing a Mattress

Choosing the right mattress can be difficult. When you hit the mattress store, there are so many types to choose from it can become overwhelming. Understanding how you sleep and the mattress that matches your sleep position is the key to getting better sleep.

Innerspring Mattresses vs. Memory Foam Mattresses

The innerspring mattress is the time-tested industry standard. Providing you with top-notch air flow, the innerspring mattress is cool, comfy, and boasts a long lifetime. Its coil foundation is designed to keep its shape and resist deterioration, delivering support and comfort every night.

The memory foam mattress is the latest in mattress technology. It’s been proven to outperform latex mattresses in all comfort measure tests. They’re designed to contour rather than support your body. Basically, they cradle you as you sleep. Promoting better blood circulation and containing contouring support technology, a memory foam mattress offers your body rejuvenating sleep.

Support or Contouring—Which is best?

Honestly, it’s a preference call for the most part. Our mattress store carries plenty of both.

If you sleep on your side, the contouring of memory foam is nice. When you sleep on your side, your pressure points need to be nestled, so as to not add stress to them. Memory foam does a wonderful job at this. Memory foam is also wonderful for those who share a bed with a light sleeper. As compared to innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses have less movement transfer. You can shift at night or jump out of bed to go to the bathroom without disturbing your partner.

If you sleep on your back or stomach, innerspring mattresses provide the lower back support you need. If you’re on a mattress that is too soft and doesn’t have enough support, your back will arch as you sleep. You’ll wake up achy with back pain. The innerspring style mattress provides support through its coil system to support you throughout the night and ensure you wake up refreshed.

Test Before You Buy at Our Mattress Store Locations

We have two mattress stores in Philadelphia, PA, and two more located in the surrounding area. Stop in to test a mattress from our collection for yourself. Our team is eager to help you find the perfect fit.

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